Furniture Care

Everything you need to know about our chair improvement products!

We offer a variety of products designed to either prevent scratches on your floors, raise the height of your chairs or to move the chair more easily over carpet. Down below, we have collected the information you need in order to navigate in this jungle of products designed for your chairs. 

1. Chair leg caps

When you move your furniture around they are likely to scratch the surface underneath. To protect your floors from these marks it is important to use the right chair leg cap. This type of product works as a cushioning barrier between the chair leg and the floor in order to prevent the scratches from appearing. Not only does this product work as a floor protector they also reduce the noise created from example pulling your chair out from the table. Thus this product category is an inexpensive, quick and simple solution for you to both take care of your floors and reduce unwanted noise. 

Learn navigate on our category page 

The category page chair leg caps is divided into these four subcategories:

  • Round

  • Squared

  • Rectangular

  • Flat

You can also divide the category page after preferred placement on your chair legs. Do you want to place the product on the outside of the chair leg or mount it on the inside? The design of your chair legs will influence this decision but it can also be based on preferred design. 

Various dimensions

Our floor protectors come in a variety of shapes, angles, colors and sizes which implies that every chair leg should be able to find its perfect match on our website. Ordering the right size is of importance since the leg cap might slip off if it is too big, therefore we recommend that you measure the chair leg before placing an order with us. 

What different materials on the Chair leg caps is good for:

Silicon: Makes the leg cap flexible in size. 

Plastic: Perfect to use on carpeted floors.

Felt: Makes it easier to move your chairs around, reduces the noise from moving the chair and protects your hardwood floors from scratches.

Rubber: Non-slip, perfect to use on chairs that will remain in one place. 

2. Chair Leg Socks

Chair socks are a great alternative to leg caps. This product offers super-soft cushioning between the chair leg and the floor, hence protects the floor from the damage that the legs can cause. Chair leg socks are recommended for use on bare, smooth surfaces not only in order to prevent scratches from occurring but also to make the furniture glide more smoothly over the floor. Furthermore, the soft material that the product is made of works as a noise absorber, reducing the volume of unwanted noise in your home.  

Additionally, depending on which style of Chair socks you choose you can either incorporate some color into your home with the help of Chair Leg Socks, create a cosy, homely environment with Chair Socks, Crocheted Chair Leg Socks or if you prefer a more natural, discreet design our Chair Socks, Knitted Chair Leg Socks in Multiple Colors or Chair Socks, Knitted Chair Leg Socks might be for you. 

3. Arne Jacobsen Chair risers

To get the ideal height on your chair in proportion to your table risers might be necessary. We offer three different kinds: one that raises the chair height by elongating the legs and two that raises the chair seat and therefore the total chair height is increased. With the one that elongates the chair legs pipe guards are included which works like a leg cap and are therefore perfect to use if your Arne Jacobsen chair is placed on a carpet or carpeted floors. 

4. Chair leg glides

Chairs placed on a carpet or on carpeted floors are hard to move around and risk damaging the carpet. In order to prevent this from happening Chair glides should be used. This website offers a multiple of different products for this purpose. Different sizes, different materials, different shapes and even different ways of mounting it. Some mounts by simply sticking them on, some require a screwdriver whilst some require a hammer. The great diversity of products offered makes sure that there should be something for everyone's needs.