Chair Leg Caps with Felt

Felt Tips for Chairs

These felt tips for chairs are very useful for your environment. They are easy to use because of their round shape and made of high quality material, so it does not wear off easily. The felt on the underside of the caps will make it effortless for you to mave your furniture around and not harm your flooring. You can choose the colour based on the interiors of your house.
Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors

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Outside the leg
Outside the leg
mm  /  inches
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For easiest application, turn the furniture upside down. Wipe of any dirt, grease or dust from the leg pipe and press on the legs caps. If necessary use a rubber mallet to knock on the pad.


The pad comes in two colours and 8 different sizes: Black:
14 mm Ø 
16 mm Ø 
19 mm Ø 
22 mm Ø
25 mm Ø
28 mm Ø
30 mm Ø
32 mm Ø Gray:
16 mm Ø
19 mm Ø
25 mm Ø


  • 0,90 €

    Now’s the time to upgrade your home! These Flat chair leg Caps with quality felt pads are the real deal. Made of high quality plastics. The furniture pad is a really good protection for your furniture and floor. Attaching the caps is easy and they are available at a very competitive price.

    0,90 € / pcs
  • 0,51 €

    Rectangular Chair Caps are very useful tool to help you to protect the furniture and floors. They are convenient to mount. The felt on the underside of the caps is of high quality and does not wear off for a long time.Choose the colour of your prefrence and start live the comfortable life you deserve.

    0,51 € / pcs
  • 0,25 €

    Are you looking for ways to protect your furniture and floor? These round shaped non slip chair leg caps in premium rubber become a good choice for you. Available in black and grey, these chair caps fit perfectly on your furniture and avoid scratches on the floor.

    0,25 € / pcs
  • 0,75 €

    Chair Leg Caps are the perfect caps for you if you are looking for something to protect your furniture and floor. These high-quality felt caps come in a great design and will make your furtniture piece look even better. With the help of these caps, you will be able to move the furniture easily and prevents your floor from scratches.

    0,75 € / pcs