Furniture Balls, Small Size

The furniture balls are popular for schools and other public areas. They protect the floor from scratches and are also great sound absorbers. The balls also make it easier for you to move the furniture around. The balls are available in a couple of different colors.These balls are odour free, and made of high quality material.

Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors
Chair, Storage, Table

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Available formats:

Chair Socks, Knitted Chair Leg Socks in Multiple Colors

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For easiest application, turn the furniture turned upside down. Press the ball on to the leg, the flaps should go down into the ball. You can leave any old pads/caps on the leg as long as they fit into the ball. If needed, you can cut up the ball a little extra with for example a carpet knife.


This ball is Ø 48 mm, it comes with three different size cuts where the Ø should match your furnitureleg.

Ø 14-17mm
Ø 18-21mm
Ø 22-28mm


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    These furniture balls are made of high quality felt and have the radius of 63 mm. The balls make the movements of the furniture smoother and prevent harm to floors. The furniture balls are very useful and also easy to use. They are great sound absorbents.

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