Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors, for Metal Tube Chair Legs

Chair Casters for Hardwood Floors, for Metal Tube Chair Legs

Chair casters for hardwood floors undoubtedly make it easier to move furniture around. Not only do these chair casters for hardwood floors prevent the furniture from wear and tear, they prevent the floor from getting scratches due to frequent furniture movement. Get these casters at a competitive price.
Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors, Moving

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For best results, turn the furniture turned upside down. Screw the wheel firmly into your furniture with a screw adapted to the furniture material. If your furniture is made out of wood we recommend that you pre-drill a hole where you want to attach the wheel.


The wheel should be mounted behind the front chair legs. Each chair need two weels.

Fits all chair legs: (minimum leg width 20 mm). 
Drill hole: 10×75 mm.
Dia x width mm 50×25
Height (mm)80
Weight capacity for two wheels: 100 kg


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