Furniture Casters for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Furniture Casters for Carpet and Hardwood Floors

Moving bulky furniture from one place to another within your house can be a daunting task. With these brass furniture casters you can easily avoid hassle of manually carrying the furniture during shifting. Durable and long lasting material is used in the making of these casters. Choose the colour of your prefrence and start live the comfortable life you deserve.

Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors, Moving
Chair, Sofa, Storage, Bed, Table

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SIZECaster without rubber ØPlate ØFrom botomm to top plateScrew lengthScrew Øweight
25mm25 mm25 mmapprox. 40 mm21 mm5 mm70 gr
29mm28 mm29 mmapprox. 44 mm32 mm6 mm100 gr
32mm32 mm32 mmapprox. 53 mm33 mm6 mm130 gr
38mm37 mm38 mmapprox. 54 mm32 mm6 mm160 gr


  • $13.50

    Casters undoubtedly make it easier to move furniture around. Not only do these casters prevent the furniture from wear and tear, they prevent the floor from getting scartches due to frequent furniture movement. Get these casters at a competitive price.

    $13.50 / pcs
  • $4.10

    Metal Furniture Cups are really useful, not the least, they'll make your furniture last longer. They do a great job, protecting your floor. They are primarliy used as sofa coasters for Howard sofas and all kinds of sofas that are having equipped with casters, i.e. metal wheels. The cups are made of hig-quality metal and therefore, will last forever.

    $4.10 / pcs
  • $0.83

    Non Slip Self Adhesive pads are very useful and hassle free to use. They are made of high quality rubber and will not wear off soon. The rubber pads are helpful in protecting the furniture and would also help the furniture to stand still.

    $0.83 / pcs
  • $5.53

    These protections for grythyttans bryggeri series are made of high-quality plastic and work just as well indoors as outdoors.

    $5.53 / pcs