Felt Chair Pads, Metal Screw On, Round Shape

Screw On Felt Pads

The Screw On Felt Pads are surely useful and of the highest quality. These pads protect your furniture and also make their movement smooth and effortless. They are made of high-quality metal and felt, they are attached with a screw, therefore do not wear off.
Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors, Moving
Chair, Sofa, Storage, Bed, Table

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Onto the leg
Onto the leg
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For best results when attaching, turn the furniture upside down and clean the surface the pad should be on. Then secure the pad to the furniture with a hammer or rubber mallet.

If the furniture is made of hard wood, we recommend you to pre-drill a hole before attaching the pad.


This high qualitty screw on felt pad is available in five sizes: MTSK18G
Bottom plate: 18 mm Ø
Height of the base plate + felt: 7 mm
Height screw: 15 mm MTSK24G
Bottom plate: 24 mm Ø
Heard on the bottom plate + felt: 10 mm
Height screw: 18 mm MTSK28G
Bottom plate: 28 mm Ø
Heard on the bottom plate + felt: 10 mm
Height screw: 23 mm MTSK30G
Bottom plate: 30 mm Ø
Heard on the bottom plate + felt: 10 mm
Height screw: 18 mm MTSK35G
Bottom plate: 35 mm Ø
Heard on the bottom plate + felt: 10
Height screw: 18 mm


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