Furniture Care

Maintenance of furniture while moving or otherwise was never easy before!

Protection of the floors means a lot to the overall maintenance of the house or even any other space.

Whether your space has bamboo flooring, tiles, or wooden floors- safeguarding it from excessive wear & tear is a basic requirement; after all, being an owner of the place- you would never wish your investment to go in vain.

This is where an immense role-play of felt protector pads for furniture comes in. With these pads placed underneath the furniture, the prevention of scratches and any sort of in the fixtures are not to be seen.

Other than that, there is no harm to the floors with the moving as well as static furniture installation.

Felt pads create an anti-scratch scenario despite being of rubber and foam material. So, it is always recommended to invest in felt furniture protector pads for any space owner.

These pads let us embrace the beauty of our floors and, at the same time, enjoy the comfort that lavish furniture gives us. And, all this is possible without any scratching, damage, and discomfort.

Without felt protectors installing furniture like chairs, tables, and dining tables, and so on should not be installed no matter how many appeals they can add to your space.

This padding is more like a cushion that safeguards your floors from the burden of the fixtures.

No more small scratches will both your floor surface, and this ideal solution can work on distinct floor types. However, you ought to buy the best furniture cups to reap the benefits.

Are you intrigued to get these furniture legs? Read further and get more insights about felt pads with us.

Protect your floors with floor cups and other precautions

First of all, cleaning is the primary requirement. This is something that cannot be ignored by any owner of the space.

Dirt and dust are both culprits when there is no one else to be blamed for the flood damage. So, sweeping and cleaning on a regular basis is the only key to overcome this first hindrance in the way of good house maintenance.

Avoid coming inside the house with the footwears on can also be another way out to avoid wear & tear of floors. Besides, you can also avoid wearing pointed heels on sensitive flooring area

And, this is not it- whether you have furniture pads or not, make sure to lift up the furniture for moving here and there.

Pushing it everywhere will cause deep scratches on the floor and leading to significant damage eventually.

Lastly, do make use of quality and suitable products for cleaning; otherwise, you might end up creating room for further damage.

Maintenance of any sort of floor is not easy, but with the right installations and care, you can accomplish a good daily care routine.

This is it for the furniture when installed inside the house already.

Now we will talk about the furniture & fixtures which are moving to a new place where you are probably shifting.

Trust us, this is where the ultimate of felt pad protection will show up, and you will realize how crucial these rubber and foam made installations.

Let's find out the reasons for moving the furniture with the furniture felt pads & caps.

Reasons to use furniture with padding while moving

1) Scratching is never a problem with felt pads

One of the main features of the felt pads for pieces of furniture is to protect the floor from the scratching and the marks from the static fixtures.

Whether there are big tables, consoles, or heavy dressers- there is padding available for protection. Moving can put the furniture at great risk, and to avoid it, you can add a layer of padding protection.

2) Furniture is not shifted in the transit

Another matter of concern arises when the furniture goes inside the moving truck and gets shifted. This is like a nightmare when you have brand new luxury furniture equipment.

To prevent such damage- make sure to felt stick-on pads, and they will keep your furniture safe inside the truck.

So, there will be no bumping and shifting of the furniture.

This is how no harm will be caused to the fragility of the furniture. Your furniture doesn't need to be made of solid materials as some chairs are made of plastic and are more prone to breakage.

With felt pads, these chairs and tables remain at their place & no breakage happens in the moving truck.

3) Floors as well as wall protection

Think of the time when furniture would finally arrive at the doorstep of your brand new house, and while entering, one of the fixtures hit the wall.

And, that piece of furniture was not covered with the pad. Now you can imagine what tragedy would have happened with your wall.

Slide pads could have saved this damage to your wall. Do not think of the ideas to deal with chipped paint over your wall as you are liable to care about your floors also in the future.

So, make a decision now to get felt pieces for furniture to avoid any of such damage to your entire house. Believe us; this investment is totally worthy of each and every hard-earned penny of yours.

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