OUTSIDE (furn.leg) OUTSIDE (furn.leg)
OUTSIDE (furn.leg) (Prim. metal legs)
INSIDE (furn.leg) INSIDE (furn.leg)
INSIDE (furn.leg) (Only metal legs)
ON-TOP (furn.leg) ON-TOP (furn.leg)
ON-TOP (furn.leg) (Only wooden furn.leg)
Outside dimension
   mm  /  inch
Opt in Shape of Legs



  • 28,36 €

    Self adhesive furniture pads are very useful and now available in bulk. You can purchase these high quality felt pads in bulk and use them for all your furniture. The pads stick easily to the bottom of the legs of the furniture and halp in smooth movement of the furniture. Not only this, the pads will protect your floor from scratches. You can buy them at...

    28,36 € / pcs
  • 1,07 €

    Are you tired of finding old, worn out and dirty adhesive pads on your furniture? Now’s the time to upgrade your home! These nail-on pads are the real deal. Made of high quality plastics. The furniture pad is a really good protection for your furniture and floor. Attaching the pads with nails is an old and proven method and then your furniture would be...

    1,07 € / pcs
  • 0,62 €

    The screw on reusable furniture pads are furniture caps with felt at their underside and screws on the top. The screw make sure that the caps are attached firmly to the furniture and don't come off when moving the furniture. Then you can also move your furniture without worrying about scatching your floors. When they'e been worn down, you just swap the...

    0,62 € / pcs
  • 0,71 €


    Supersmart Outside Chair Legs Caps in Silicon. They are very popular because of their high quality, the semi-transparent material, which gives a subtile visual impression. Not the least, the silicon material works as efficient sound absorbents.

    0,71 € / pcs



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