It is said that the first furniture pads were created by the Greeks in 400 AD. Our history does not go as far back in time. In 2012, the company “Mobeltassen Sweden AB”, meaning furniture pad in Swedish was founded by entrepreneur Helene Zachrisson when she could not find pads that matched her needs. In 2020, new owners took over the business, and the company is still family-owned with offices and warehouses just outside Gothenburg in Sweden.  


We are passionate about helping our customers find a solution to their specific needs. In our quest to offer the perfect furniture pads - based on function, base, style and furniture - we’ve continuously broadened and deepened our range. We have realized that the category is bigger than we could ever have imagined - that’s what drives us forward!  


We offer a number of different brands, including our own, FurnitureWear. We are continuously developing new ideas and products within our niched category, one example is our popular furniture ball, a variant of a tennis ball that has proven to be both a super effective and durable floor protection and has a great sound-absorbing effect. A much appreciated combination, especially in public environments and schools.  


To date, we’ve sold hundreds of thousands of furniture felt pads to companies and individuals around the world. We are driven by solving our customers' needs, and it is enormously satisfying that so many of you are coming back.  

You are very welcome to discover our range of products.  

All the best!  

Bengt, Catrin & Peter