Ceiling Hooks No Drill

1.Ceiling Hooks No Drill - Works for Multiple Surfaces

  • The ceiling hooks no drill, are excellent for attaching to concrete, wallpaper and plaster panels.

  • Different ceiling hooks and surfaces handle different weight and loads, partly depending on the product, also depending on the substrate / material in the roof. It is impossible to answer exactly what weight it can handle. Below are some ground rules for you to follow.

2. Adhesive Ceiling Hooks for Plants

Using the ceiling hook is a brilliant idea if you want a quick and easy installation without having to drill holes in the ceiling. This also means that you avoid ugly holes if you want to move or remove the hook. The products are perfect for you who like to refurnish and like to decorate your home with various plants for the season.

3. How Much Weight Adhesive Ceiling Hook 

4. How To Hang No Drill Hooks Ceiling

  • Clean the ceiling surface with a wet cloth. 
  • Remove one of the three supplied power strips from the sheet and place in the desired location. 
  • Press it firmly by first placing two fingers on the front edge of the strip and holding for five seconds.Then move your fingers to the trailing edge and repeat the press for five seconds. This step can also be shortened by placing the thumbs along the strip so that the entire strip is covered by the pressure at one and the same time. Maintain this pressure for 5 seconds. 
  • Remove the entire protective plastic on the strip that is now suspended. The strip is divided into two parts separated by a line.
  • Place the suspension device on the larger part of the strip and press it firmly by maintaining a pressure for five seconds here as well. 
  • Follow the ON arrow located on the front of the product to thread the hook on the suspension device. 
  • Then turn the hook in the desired direction and the hook is ready to support your light objects.
  • (Instructional pictures are also on the back of the product.)

5. How To Remove Adhesive Ceiling Hooks 

  • Follow the OFF arrow located on the front of the product and slide the hook away from the suspension device.

  • Hold the suspension device and take a grip on the small part of the power strip.

  • Then pull out the strip that is extended a bit before it releases completely.

  • Then move the suspension device away and you have now removed your roof hook.

  • If you want to place your roof hook elsewhere, now just use a new power strip from the supplied sheet and then follow the installation description above.