Best efficient furniture pads - learn the basics about furniture pads.

1. Furniture pads

  • What material should your furniture pad be composted of?

In order for you to get an answer to this question you need to consider what you want to use your furniture pad on as well as where the object is located. Here is a short list of when different materials should be used: 

Rubber: Non-slip function, perfect when you want your furniture to remain in one spot.

Felt: Perfect to use on furniture placed on hardwood floors. Felt pads makes your furniture move around more easily, protects your floors from being scratched and reduces the noise created by the furniture in movement. 

Cork: Pads made out of cork are recommended to use only on decor and not furniture. These pads can for example be placed underneath a candle holder in order to prevent scratches on your table. 

Metal: Metal should be used on furniture that are placed on carpets or a carpeted floor in order to create easier movement of the furniture.

Plastic: This material, as well as metal, is the perfect solution for furniture located in a carpeted area. It generates easier movement as well as prevents your furniture from damaging the carpet. 

  • Choose a prefered way of mounting your furniture pad.

FurnitureWear offers a wide variety of furniture pads. The different products can be divided into four categories based upon their method of mounting. All categories require you to first clean the surface that you wish to place your furniture pads on, but after that initial step is performed, they differ. 

Nail: Mounts with the help of a hammer. May require pre-drilling if your furniture consists of hardwood. 

Screw: A screwdriver is essential in order to mount this type of pad. This method may also require pre-drilling. 

Pipe rivets: Use a hammer or a rubber mallet to get this kind of product in place. 

Self-adhesive: The easiest way of mounting a pad since you only need to peel the protective paper off and then stick the pad on, but unfortunately this type of product is not as heavy duty as the other three. 

  • Measure the surface that you want the furniture pad to cover

In the interest of receiving the best floor protection, prevention of scratches or the best glide over a carpeted area it is essential that the furniture pad is the correct size for your furniture. Therefore, we recommend you to flip the furniture upside down and take a measurement of its leg before you place an order with us. 

  • A variety of colors:

The last thing to consider before placing an order of furniture pads are which color you would prefer the pads to be in. This decision can be based on a multiple of things, you might choose black because the furniture is the same color and you want your furniture pad to blend in or you might choose red in order to get a very small hint of color into your home. FurnitureWear offers a multitude of colors, for example: black, brown, white, silver and red. Check out our website in order to make your last decision before placing your order.

2. Furniture sliders & glides

Using furniture sliders & glides for furniture located in a carpeted area is recommended in order to protect your furniture from wear, protect your carpet from tear and to create easier movement of your chair. 

  • What different kinds of materials are our furniture sliders & glides composed of?

Our furniture sliders and glides are made out of plastic and metal. Both materials create easier movement of your furniture and thereby protect your carpets or carpeted floors from damages. Since both kinds of material work really well on the same type of surfaces the choice of what material to use is simply based upon what look you prefer. 

  • Preferred way of mounting your furniture sliders & glides: 

Just as furniture pads these products can be mounted in different ways: 

With a screwdriver: Some sliders come with screws that will make sure that your product is securely mounted. May require pre-drilling depending on what kind of material your furniture is made out of. 

With a hammer: Nails is another option on how to mount your glides. Pre-drilling might be required. 

Self-adhesive: Make sure that your surface is cleaned before you stick your glides on. For wooden furniture use a piece of sandpaper to remove all wax, grease and dust. For furniture made out of plastic, metal and other materials you can simply clean the surface with a cloth and some detergent. 

With a rubber mallet: This is used for the internally mounted glides. A few hits with the rubber mallet and your glides should be correctly mounted. 

  • Take measurements to get the right furniture sliders and glides 

Taking measurements of your furniture is essential in order to get the right productsize so that the best glide and protection of your carpet can be reached. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to flip your furniture upside down to take a measurement of the leg diameter before an order is placed. 

  • A variety of colors: 

Similar to furniture pads, FurnitureWear also offer a selection of colors on furniture sliders & glides. In this product category you can for example find black, white, metal and brown products. As mentioned above, the last thing to consider before placing an order is your preferred taste. What color suits your furniture and home decor?