Chair Seat Risers for Arne Jacobsen Chairs

Chair Seat Risers for Arne Jacobsen Chairs

These smart and easy to install chair risers for Arne Jacobsen are the perfect products for you if you want to adjust the seat height. They are made of high quality material and available at a competitive price. They will not only increase the height, they will also protect your floor, with the plastic caps.
Works well on all types of wood floors and surfaces.

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For easiest installation, work with the chair upside down. Carefully remove the bottom cover and unscrew the frame from the seat. Remove the old spacers and mount the new ones on the frame. Place the plate between the frame and the seat and match the holes for the screws, the groove in the plate should be down towards the floor. Then tighten the screws by hand with a wrench. If your chair has no upholstery, use the included 3 cm screw, if the chair has original upholstery, use the included 3.5 cm screw.



  • 33,10 €

    Chair Seat Risers for Charles Eames are the best products for your requirement. These risers are easy to install, available at a good price and take cares of your Charles Eames.

    33,10 € / pcs
  • 1,61 €

    Flexible Chair Caps with felt are a very useful, they take care of the furniture and floor. These high-quality plastic caps protects your floor from getting scratched. They are convenient to mount. The felt on the underside of the caps is of high quality and does not wear off for a long time. Choose the right size of your prefrence and start live the...

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    Flexible Chair Leg Caps are the perfect caps for you if you are looking for something to protect your furniture and floor. These high-quality felt caps will take care of your furniture and prevent floor damage. With the help of these caps, you will be able to move the furniture easily around.

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  • 28,36 €

    The Chair Leg Risers for Arne Jacobsen chairs are the products for an increased chair and seat height. We offer them as a kit and they are easy to install. Made of high quality steel and plastics, they are very durable.

    28,36 € / pcs