Non Slip Furniture Pads for Hardwood Floors

Bolt for furniture wheel

These separate plugs for furniture casters aids to the application of casters for easy movement of chairs or tables. These are available in two sizes that is 10mm and 11 mm. The high quality material used in the making of these plugs for furniture adds to the durability.

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  • 7,49 €

    Chair wheels for wooden chairs are great help, for you move chairs around. The wheels are available in silver color and fits multiple chairs and interior styles. The wheels make it really easy to move a large number of chairs around.

    7,49 € / pcs
  • 3,51 €

    Metal Furniture Cups and metal furniture coasters are really useful, they'll make your furniture last longer. They do a great job, protecting your floor. They are primarliy used as sofa coasters for Howard sofas and all kinds of sofas that are having equipped with casters, i.e. metal wheels. The cups are made of hig-quality metal and therefore, will last...

    3,51 € / pcs
  • 2,28 €

    These Plastic Furntiure Cups are practically colourless and would not ruin the grace of the room. Just place them underneath your casters or legs, and they'll do a great job, protecting your floor. You will be able to move the furniture on your hardwood floors and will also keep the floor in perfect shape.

    2,28 € / pcs
  • 3,70 €

    This is our Rolls Royce model for stopping vibrations from washer machines. Highly efficient sound absorbent and an easy to mount product.

    3,70 € / pcs