Self Adhesive Felt Pads for Furniture and Chair Legs

Our self adhesive furniture pads are having a glue of highest quality. The pads are attached to the underside of the furniture leg and fit extra well for many of the furniture that is made of plastic and metal. Self adhesive pads aren't recommended to use in wet room areas, for that we recommend other types of pads, such as chair leg caps in plastics.

Hardwood floors, Laminate floors, Tiled floors

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Available formats:
Thickness: 3 mm

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For best results when attaching - clean the surface and make sure wax, grease and dust are removed. Then press the furniture pad firmly on to the furniture. For wooden furniture, you can use a piece of sandpaper to clean, for plastic, metals and other materials clean with a cloth and detergent.


The products are available in the following sizes:  

17 mm: 20 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack
20 mm: 16 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack  
24 mm: 12 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack
28 mm: 12 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack  
38 mm 4 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack  
80 mm 2 pcs/sheet, 4 sheets/pack


  • $0.08

    Big pack of self adhesive felt pads for the safety of your furniture as well as your floor tiles. Put these self adhesive felt pads onto your furniture for a longer life time. Available in multiple colours. 

    $0.08 / pcs
  • $2.55

    These Self-Adhesive Felt Pads are useful for protecting your furniture and floors. These pads are self adhesive in a squared shape. They are quick and easy to mount on the furniture. The adhesive pads are available in different colours, helping you to choose the perfect colour for your furniture. The high quality felt pads helps you in moving the...

    $2.55 / pcs
  • $2.77

    These Self-Adhesive felt pieces are very useful for protecting your furniture. They are easy to attach and will stick on the floor for a long time. These pieces will help you to protect your floors from the scratching as well. You can pick a colour that contrasts with your furniture, so that you don't ruin the colour combinations of your space. They are...

    $2.77 / pcs