Tilted Plastic Chair Leg Caps For Chair, Tilted Plastic Chair Leg Caps For Table

Chair Leg Caps, Tilted in Plastic

The Tilted Plastic Chair Leg Caps are very useful and convenient caps to put on the chairs with a slight tilt to the legs. They are used to protect the furniture and floor. The caps are made from high-quality plastic and do not easily wear off. Not the lease, they aren't making any marks on the floor.

Works well on all types of wood floors and surfaces.
Chair, Table

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Available formats:
Type of cap: Outside
Shape of leg: Round
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For easiest application, turn the furniture upside down. Wipe of any dirt, grease or dust from the leg pipe and press on the legs caps. If necessary use a rubber mallet to knock on the pad.


The dimension refers to the inner dimension of the pipe protection:


16Ø15 ° = 16 mm Ø inclination 15 degrees
16Ø25 ° = 16 mm Ø inclination 25 degrees
19Ø20 ° = 19 mm Ø inclination 20 degrees
22Ø20 ° = 22 mm Ø inclination20 degrees
25Ø15 ° = 25 mm Ø inclination 15 degrees
25Ø25 ° = 25 mm Ø inclination 25 degrees


16Ø15 ° = 16 mm Ø inclination 15 degrees
19Ø20 ° = 19 mm Ø inclination 20 degrees
22Ø20 ° = 22 mm Ø inclination 20 degrees


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