Adhesive Door Stop

Door Stopper, Wall Guard

This self-adhesive door stop is placed on the wall to protect it from the door handle. The door stop is attached to the wall where the handle normally hits the wall and the soft rubber material protects the wall from impact.

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For best results when mounting - measure out where on the wall you should put your door stop, where the door handle hits the wall. Clean the area on the wall with cleaning solution and a cloth, remove the protective paper on the door stop and press the door stop on to the wall.


The product is available in three colors and two different sizes 40 and 70mm


  • 2,25 €

    A perfect door stopper that will last for a long time in 100% solid rubber. 

    From 2,25 € / pcs
  • 3,51 €

    Are you tired of slamming doors? Then, we've got you covered. This is a classic designed, door stopper in plastic/rubber, used as a spring. Does the job, works well indoor as outdoor.

    From 3,51 € / pcs
  • 8,91 €

    Is it time for a Foldable doorstopper? Are you tired of slamming doors? Then, we've got you covered. This is a classic foldable doorstop made of steel, that will solve your problem. Works well indoors. It's not stainless steel, so not for outdoor use.

    From 8,91 € / pcs
  • 8,91 €

    The foldable doorstop fitting get you covered, Are you tired of slamming doors? Then this is the door stop you need, made of steel. 

    From 8,91 € / pcs