Furniture Care Kit

Furniture Care Kit

An assortment of various pads, for you to get the feel of what pads you are in need of. The kit includes self adhesive pads, furniture gliders and anti-gliders. We've included some micro tools for making the right adjustments and taking measurements. 

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We aim to inspire you to take care of your furniture and interiors by supplying a kit with an assortment of furniture pads. The kit includes pads with various functionality which are mounted with ease. Some useful micro-tools are also included.


A plastic box that measures approx 160mm x 80 mm, a perfect box for you to keep close or within

your tool cabinet. 

The contents of the box:

Furniture leg gauge, small level, small Phillips screwdriver, mini glue tube, 4 dark gray chair socks (SSMG-slim), 4 furniture leg plastic glides with nails (PLGSV22), 4 furniture leg felt with tube plug (RNVF22), 8 furniture leg anti-slip rubber with screws (TRFW22x22), 8 furniture leg felt with nails (FTGS24), 8 self-adhesive red furniture leg pads (REDFW17), 8 self-adhesive red furniture leg pads (REDFW20).


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    A practical plastic caliper for measuring furniture legs. Used to measure the diameter of furniture legs and chair legs. Handy tool that can be used when you want to measure both the outside diameter and/or the inside diameter of, for example chair legs.

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    For workplaces and schools looking to improve the work environment. Stylish mobile boxes in felt material. Vibrations from messages are dampened by the effective felt material. The smartphone box is made from recycled material and is easy to recycle, consisting of 100% polyester.

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    Edge Protector in Silicone for Furniture, often used on sharp table edges, and or tables made of hard materials such as marble. Popular on families having children that just started to walk. This product is quickly taped with double-sided adhesive tape on edges and corners, works on all types of materials and protects your children from hitting or hurting...

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    For workplaces and schools looking to improve the work environment. Rails are attached under the benches, lifting the chairs off the floor and facilitating cleaning.

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