Picture Hangers for Concrete Walls, Hooks for Concrete Walls

Picture Hangers for Concrete Walls, Hooks for Concrete Walls

This Picture Hangers for Concrete Walls are made of plastic and perfect for quick and easy mounting of light weight objects, such as pictures and frames. No need to use a drill, plug or screw. Just hit it, and Voila, you get yourself a perfect concrete wall hanger in no time.
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Our easy to use wall hooks are usually very handy, for the quick fix and some late night DIY's. You won't need a drilling machine, sometimes even not a hammer. Just stick it or nail it to your wall. Make sure to clean the surface with a wet tissue before sticking the sticky hooks on to the surface. 


Our picture hangerss, concrete hooks are mainly used for hanging light objects, such as paintings. Available in three sizes and the hooks are produced in durable plastic. Small: 14x22 mm
Medium: 16x29 mm
Large: 20x39 mm


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    Don't make it harder than it needs to be. What if you drill and regret it's positioning. With these self adhesive hooks for brick walls, you can change your mind how many times you want. They are super easy to mount, and works great for towels in bathrooom, or wet room areas.

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    Make it easy for yourself, you don't need a drill screw and plug, just a hit with the hammer and the picture will be in place. For Drywall, Plasterboards, Gypsum Panels

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    These Wall Hooks in Brass are primarily made for quick and easy mounting of pictures, paintings, and light weight objects. The Hangers works best on wall surfaces such as wood. 

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