Felt Chair Pads, Cuttable Piece

These self-adhesive felt pieces are easy to stick -on and have excellent glue to avoid any incovenience to users. Shop now with Furniturewear
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Self adhesive
Furniture type:
Beds - Table - INDOOR
Spec Surface:
All floor types

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For best results when attaching - clean the surface and make sure wax, grease and dust are removed. Then press the furniture pad firmly on to the furniture. For wooden furniture, you can use a piece of sandpaper to clean, for plastic, metals and other materials clean with a cloth and detergent.


These Self-Adhesive felt pieces are very useful for protecting your furniture. They are easy to attach and will stick on the floor for a long time. These pieces will help you to protect your floors from the scratching as well. You can pick a colour that contrasts with your furniture, so that you don't ruin the colour combinations of your space. They are of premium quality at a good price, so don't miss out.


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